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Default account theft?

I just finished an Alan Rudolph quote. I just happened to notice on the side that I supposedly made a comment about that quote three years ago. The comment made no sense to me, because it implied a familiarity with this Alan Rudolph person and his politics. I never heard of him, not that I am aware or remember.

So, why was I able to call up a puzzle I supposedly had already done? And, is it possible for another user to coopt my account?

Can the sysop call up, without extreme effort, all the comments I may have made on puzzles (not very many) so I can see if someone is giving me a personality different than what it is?
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Default Account theft?

I have occasionally been given puzzles that I solved years ago. I think the assignment is pretty random. I'm no expert on things technical, but I don't see how someone else could solve under your name, or why they would. Alan Rudolph is a film director, a protege of Robert Altman, whose films are not blockbusters but have a small following. As far as I know, he hasn't been outspoken about politics. Is it possible you made a comment on the spur of the moment and forgot about it?

Site admin rarely posts on the forum. You might have better luck using the "Questions or Comments" form at the bottom of the page.
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