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Default Here's a quick fix

Originally Posted by genevoise View Post
I would like to see an alternative scoring method. One that takes into count the difficulty of a puzzle. It wouldn't be difficult to create an algorithm to incorporate the average completion time, and percentage of correct solutions.

I'm not necessarily advocating changing the current scoring method, but rather having a second score, the weighted score.

What do people think?
I agree entirely that scores should be rated on where you are on the "fastest scorer" scale rather than just elapsed seconds. The current system is a farce.

If the host doesn't have the funds to do so, here's a quick fix for our host: every time you press refresh on your browser to get a quick puzzle, you forfeit a significant # of points. A "gimme" puzzle (one that has been solved in <300 seconds) is a sure 700+ point winner, but to find them you have to refresh your browser a lot and bypass the ones with the higher average times.

The scores and ratings would look radically different if everyone had to pay a penalty for refreshing their browser when a difficult puzzle appears. 100 pts per refresh? Very different.
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